Videos from Van Duzer Days

Mayor of the North Shore, Steve Goffin, kicks off Van Duzer Days with a heartfelt speech about the community he holds so dear to his heart.


Midevenings with Jay Miller is a classic comedy, variety, talk show. Hosted by writer, comedian, and all around entertainer Jay Miller (of Monty Love fame), the show is jam-packed with musical numbers and sketches, not to mention guests! Jay has welcomed guests like writers for The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live as well as musical guests such as Kevin Devine.

To start his very special rooftop episode of Mid Evenings with Jay Miller, Jay was lowered down from the neighboring roof. He tried to be as cool and James Bond-like as possible.


Skate Down To Stapletown

Richmond Hood Company, a boutique independently owned Staten Island, New York based urban action sports shop which offers a variety styles that perfectly integrate the fashionable Hip-Hop, inner city BMX Skateboard and street wear lifestyles teamed up with DC Shoes to offer a fun-filled day of free outdoor skating activities, that included skate sessions; demonstrations held by members of the local skate community; Manny, Ollie and Best Trick contests were held for chances to win free footwear by DC Shoes and active wear by Downside Up.


The Headlocks performing “I Freak Out”

The Headlocks are an independent rock band from NYC, whose lyrics and music capture the spirit of American song traditions including Early Blues and 1960’s Classic Rock while maintaining a brilliant currency. They have a familiar feel but a unique sound and their songs are accessible to a wide audience. They released their debut LP, Cuckoobird, in September 2009.


Paragraph performing “Skinny”

Paragraph is a band from Staten Island, New York. They started playing almost 5 years ago and recently have been working on new stuff. After experimenting with various types of music, they have recently landed on something that they find to be pretty cool. Paragraph has recently finished their self-titled LP.


The Wahoo Skiffle Crazies performing “Orange Ferry Boat”

Born in the middle of the last Bush Administration, the band cut its teeth on protest folk and busking around town with an arsenal of rags, rhymes, and blues. Last year, the band’s single, “Which Side Are You On,” (a reworking of the old Labor song into a political anthem) was featured on an album titled, “Jugs Across America!: A Modern Jug Band Compilation,” produced by Whiskey for Breakfast Records with creative and selective input from Jim Kweskin. The Wahoo Skiffle Crazies released a DYI, self-titled album in 2006 and released a live album, “LIVE in Brooklyn,” in January 2009. They are currently recording a studio EP titled, “Songs For The Next Great Depression,” due out soon.


Kilgore Trout Is Dead

“With a ukulele and an interesting recording style Kilgore Trout Is Dead is single-handedly rewriting how music can be played. It’s a completely unconventional approach to music, but it certainly has it’s roots in bits of the past. Whether you want to credit Brian Wilson and hi SoCal roots or Van Dyke parks and his elaborate string arrangements doesn’t matter, what does matter is that one listen to Kilgore Trout should completely change your perception on music”–Pat Duffy; Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (


Yoga during the “Relaxation” themed weekend


A Shaolin Frisbee Society ultimate frisbee game hosted by Tim Duffy & Kevin Devlin


Captain Ahab & The Sea Crackens performing “Surf Ninja”

Their self described sound is “like water crashing against the South Beach boardwalk, sea shells, mermaids, and beer. Lots of beer.” Captain Ahab & The Sea Crackens released their self-titled CD in April 2009.


The Bandulos

The Bandulos are a funky, tight-knit group of versatile young musicians from Staten Island’s South Shore. Described by the Staten Island Advance as “one of the hardest, most diverse working bands in local show biz,” the Bandulos have established themselves as an in-demand band, playing numerous community events, weddings, private functions, and regular bar and club gigs all over the Island as well as in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire. Their sets are made up of the best classic funk, soul, and rock’n’roll, along with hits from the ’80s, reggae jams, and even some hip-hop gems.


The First Central Baptist Church Choir


Belly dancing during the “Dance” themed weekend

The Great Unwashed

The Great Unwashed is a New York City based Rock trio who have been captivating the Staten Island music scene. In addition to their constant local shows, “TGU” has been earning new fans with every gig played in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Guitarist and singer Sean Kuhl, drummer Scott Jacobi, and bassist Anthony Scuderi became a three piece late in 2007. Singer Kuhl’s shout/ talk vocals connect casual storytelling with frustrated cynicism amongst the band’s signature melodic refrains. Jacobi and Scuderi hold down tight rhythmic grooves and make light of frequent time signature changes, while Kuhl’s riotous yet precise guitar solos define this ambitious Rock outfit.


Do you have extra art that you’re not using? Maybe you have some leftover concepts in the closet or cluttering up the basement of your mind. Reduce, reuse, and recycle your extraneous art, your leftover canvases, sculpture bits and unused creative ideas with the Day de Dada Performance Art Collective.

This video shows an art recycle event with artists from Day de Dada at Summer Streets Van Duzer Days August 2009.



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